When one thinks of really good salami and dried sausage, one generally thinks Europe. France, Italy, Spain. Not Culpeper, VA. Think again. The times, they have ‘a changed. We think our salami is hands down as good, if not better than any salami one can get anywhere!

All our salami are made from the highest quality of fresh meat with no hormones or antibiotics. To that we add the spices that make each salami unique. It is put in a natural casing, smoked with various aromatics, and then hung to age to perfection. Our salami will bring back memories of travels abroad, that little village in France, or perhaps the one just on the coast of Italy where one stopped to buy provisions for a picnic with incredible views of the sea. Or maybe one got off the bus in a little village high in the mountains, stopped at the local charcuterie to fill one’s back pack before setting out for a glorious day hiking in the fresh air surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Perhaps they will remind you being at your grandmother’s house, with all the memories of a lifetime ago flooding back in time. Or perhaps it reminds you of that market in the old neighborhood of either small or large town America. The smell and taste will transport you from the here and now to the past and back again, when one realizes that one can now get premium product that is made in Virginia.

The word charcuterie intimidates many. First it is hard to say. And then, what does it really mean? “Shar-kute-ter-ee”. Simply, it is French for any dried or cured meat. There is nothing simple about it.

Cut super thin, the flavor explodes in your mouth. It might be subtle, it might be bold. It might be spicy, it might be mild. It will have depth. It will be delicious.

We make about 10 types of cured sausages. From the mild to the spicy, and all points in between. We make them, and are often trying out new recipes. We don’t have each type available all the time. It depends on what we have hanging, when it is ready, and how fast it disappears. If there is a favorite, let us know and we will contact you when it is ready.

  • Beef Jerky: A remake of an American tradition. Using local grass-fed beef, our jerky has a perfect balance between sweet and spice.
  • Summer Sausage: A Croftburn Market classic. Beef sausage with mustard seed and black pepper for a slight kick
  • Calabrese: Spicy and dry, with a splash of white wine to temper the pepper
  • Hot Sopressata: Sweet upfront and peppery on the finish
  • Pepperoni: Transports you right to Italy. Perfect on your homemade pizza!
  • Red Wine and Black Peppercorn Salami: Red wine and spice and everything nice
  • Saucisson Sec: As fresh as the French countryside, with a touch of garlic
  • Tuscan Fennel Salami: Subtle fennel meets red wine