Beef. It’s what’s for dinner. While our focus was initially on beef, since that is what we know and what we raise, we appreciate variety and know that you do too. High quality protein is important. Knowing where the meat comes from and how it has been handled is important. The meat case is full of delicious alternatives.  All the meat alternatives will be all natural, hormone free. For each, we have both local and commercial available.


Our chicken tastes like chicken. For those old enough to know that chicken used to have flavor, it will transport you back in time. For those who don’t know that chicken is supposed to have a taste all on its own, you need to try it. High quality chicken, like all meat, should be able to stand on its own with some salt and pepper for flavoring (if one is so inclined). It is not just a carrier of condiments and seasonings.

We source the chicken in the fresh meat case from Pennsylvania. It is air-chilled. This means that it has not been in a water bath with thousands of other chicken. After being processed, each chicken has been hung to chill, separate from the other chickens. It hasn’t dripped on or been dripped upon by another chicken. It hasn’t been injected with water (or anything else) or absorbed water from the cool tank. It tastes like chicken. There is no shrink after one cooks it. We have whole chickens, boneless breasts, and boneless thighs in the meat case every day. If you want bone-in, let us know and we can get it for you.

If you want local chicken, that too is available. Several local farms provide us with chicken that is in the freezer case. It is delicious as well!


We are unable to source enough local pork at a price point that works for most families. However, we have found some pretty outstanding hormone free pork that has great flavor. The meat case always has boneless pork chops. We can get bone-in pork chops for you. As all our meats, the chops can be cut to your specifications. Do you like them thin so that you can pan fry them quickly? Or do you want them cut extra thick so you can stuff them? Just ask and we can oblige accordingly.

Again, if you want local pork, that too is available. It is raised locally by several farms and we are pleased to be able to have it available for our customers.

Goat, Lamb & Rabbit

What about those other meats? We have some local goat, lamb and rabbit in the freezer case. If you haven’t tried them, you should. They are all tasty!

Bacon & Hand-crafted Hot Dogs

If you haven’t eaten a hot dog in years, just because, this is time to change that! We make amazing hot dogs! Starting with our local grass fed beef, we add some spices, put the mixture into casings and then smoke them with hardwood. These hot dogs will transport you back in time, when you grilled them outside over a wood fire. No condiments are necessary for these hot dogs. They stand alone on their own.

Canadian bacon, smoked in house, is out of this world delicious. Pepper or sage, they are both outstanding choices. Try one one week, the other the next week! It will make your breakfast sing. Or you sing at your breakfast. Or both!

Please contact us to inquire about current selection of meats.