Fresh sausage being made at local butcher shop Croftburn Market in Culpeper, VA

We’re a butcher shop, so we make sausage. Really fresh sausage. Not the type of sausage that’s made elsewhere and shipped in. Not the type of sausage that’s soaked in chemicals to make it eternally shelf-stable. Not the type of sausage that’s full of meat (and non-meat) fillers. We make real, old-fashioned sausage... the real deal.

To make quality sausage, you have to use quality meat. Our sausages are either pork or chicken, and the animals aren’t fed antibiotics or growth hormones. We only use fresh- not frozen- meat to make sausage, ensuring the juiciness and tenderness that you expect. Meat is trimmed for leanness, seasonings are added, the casings are stuffed, and each link is individually handcrafted. It’s a labor intensive process, but we’re confident that the effort is worth it. You can taste the difference.

We also sell certain types of fresh sausage in bulk without casing, and we're happy to custom-make fresh sausage to your personal specifications with a minimum order amount. Just give us a call to discuss the options.

We strive to keep at least six varieties fresh for your daily selection, and other flavors can be found in the freezer. We rotate through to offer the largest selection. Options include:

Pork Sausage

  • Andouille: You’d swear you’re in Louisiana with this Croftburn Market classic. It has a touch of smoke and a lasting spice that’s perfect on the grill, tossed with pasta, or diced up in a tasty, Cajun gumbo.
  • Bratwurst: A taste of Germany, right here in Culpeper, VA. Our brats are bursting with pork flavor and always juicy. One of our best sellers. This is the sausage your neighbor hopes you bring to his cook out.
  • Chorizo: This Chorizo is made in the Mexican style, so the smoky spiciness of the paprika definitely comes through. It’s great for dinner, but also give it a try for breakfast. Saute the meat up, scramble with eggs. Yum. 
  • Hot Italian: Italian sausage means fennel, and in this variety we add a pepper blend to spice things up a notch. Not too hot though- this is our mildest “hot” sausage.
  • Kielbasa: We make our kielbasa like you might find in western Pennsylvania- with garlic. Minced garlic and some whole mustard seeds give this guy a little extra punch. Delicious.
  • Sicilian: Think Sweet Italian, but some citrus rind gives this link a little extra strength of flavor.
  • Sugar 'n Spice: And boy is it nice! Black pepper meets brown sugar in this flavorful creation. It's a perfect neutral: not too spicy and not sweet. Very vesatile for cooking and incorporating into recipes.  
  • Sweet Italian: The quintessential sausage. It’s delicious by itself, but it’s also great with pasta, in a lasagna, as part of a meatloaf, or in most any application. Kids love the taste, your buddy thinks this is a great addition to any tailgate, and mom loves its versatility in the kitchen.
  • Zesty Italian: Similar to Sweet Italian, but with a little extra “umph” (but not spicy). 

Chicken Sausage

  • Andouille: Just like our pork Andouille, but it's made with 100% chicken!
  • Apple Maple: Chunks of dried apple and a touch of maple sweetness make this popular link great for breakfast or dinner. Kids love it, and so will you!
  • Buffalo Chicken Wing: All the great flavor of a buffalo wing, but it’s stuffed into a sausage.
  • Cuban Chorizo: A Chorizo bursting with flavor, but unlike the Mexican version we make, this link isn’t spicy. More subtle flavors from the Caribbean dominate, so think cumin, thyme, sweet paprika.  
  • Honey Chipotle: The sweetness of honey blends with a subtle spice of chipotle. Savor the smokiness. This one might be a little warm for the youngest eaters out there, but it’s definitely a Croftburn Market favorite!
  • Red Wine & Garlic: Open the package when you get home and boom- the scent of garlic immediately wafts out. For the garlic fans out there, this one is for you.
  • Sweet Italian: Very similar to our pork Sweet italian, but it's made 100% with chicken!

Please call us to inquire about the current fresh sausage selection.