We are big supporters of local agriculture, and we are proud to have relationships with some of the best farmers and producers in the area. Whenever possible we happily carry local products from these amazing farms.

Croftburn Market gets particular pleasure from supporting young entrepreneur farmers. At this time we have three young producers who raise products that we carry regularly. Sasha and Zach, age 9 and 11 respectively, raise pastured chickens and supply Croftburn Market with their fresh eggs. And Wyatt, age 12, who raises rabbits for the Market.

Croftburn Farm, Culpeper, VA - family owned and operated business, dedicated to raising all-natural Black Angus cattle and Dorset sheep. We carry a selection of both grass-fed/grass-finished and grass-fed/grain-finished beef cuts as well as lamb. All meats are natural and not fed growth hormones or antibiotics. At the Market we also sell delicious Meg’s Eggs, with a deep yellow, creamy yolk from happy Croftburn chickens.

Lakota Ranch, Remington, VA– a local producer of delicious Certified Devon Beef.  We carry a selection of cuts, as well as various ground beef options from this outstanding producer. The beef is exclusively grass-fed and raised using sustainable farming practices.

Spring Gate Farm, Barboursville, VA – a local producer with a focus on raising cashmere goats. We enjoy a selection of delicious pasture-raised, hormone and antibiotic free goat meats from this farm, as well as lamb and pork. All animals thrive on an all-natural diet.

Saddle Ridge Farm, Culpeper, VA –a family-run, sustainable farm in Culpeper, VA providing natural meats without hormones, antibiotics or man-made additives. Animals are raised on non-GMO feeds. We carry a selection of chicken and pork from this amazing producer!

Ayrshire Farm, Upperville, VA –a certified organic farm specializing in rare breeds livestock and heirloom fruits and vegetables. Croftburn Market carries pasture-raised, organic chicken from Ayrshire.

Moo Thru, Remington, VA– a family run operation with a focus on sustainable farming practices. Moo Thru produces milk from their own prize winning, grass-fed Holstein herd, which grazes in the fields along the banks of the Rappahannock River. We carry whole, skim, and chocolate milk, all of which come in old fashioned glass bottles!

Corvallis Farms, Culpeper, VA - a family run and operated farm specializing in all kinds of salad greens, berries, heirloom veggies, and fresh cut flowers. Their spinach and lettuce are incredible, and we're fortunate to carry bags of their deliciousness in season from fall to spring.