Beef. It’s what’s for dinner. Nothing beats a premium cut of beef to be the center of your plate. The type of cut that needs nothing more than perhaps a little salt and pepper. Grilled just right, allowed to rest for a few minutes, and dinner is served. Perfection. It’s all about quality.

Croftburn Market is an old fashioned butcher shop, like you, your parents, or grandparents may remember. Small town or big city, they were pretty much the same. The meats were beautifully presented, all hand cut on site. The beef was dry-aged. It had texture and flavor, something that is all too often missing in today’s grocery stores. The ground beef was freshly ground all day as needed, from individual primal cuts. Nothing added, and no fillers necessary. Thankfully, some things haven’t changed.

The meat case at Croftburn Market is filled with gorgeous beef, both local dry-aged cuts as well as USDA rated commercial options at a slightly lower price point. Both make a delicious dinner, and we always have a selection. If you want a steak cut thicker or thinner, we can generally cut them accordingly. For roasts: is this the size and cut you are looking for? What about the cut you don’t see? Just ask, and we very well may have it in the cooler in the back. We can’t put all the beef in the meat case, as we need room for the popular, hand-crafted fresh sausages, made fresh from either pork or chicken. In the freezer cases we also carry individual cuts of dry-aged grass finished beef from local farms (all hand cut, vacuum sealed, and flash frozen).

It is all about preference. Do you prefer a grain or grass finish? Do you want dry-aged or commercial? It is all there to choose from.

Texture and flavor are key. All beef has texture, and it should. Some cuts are inherently lean, while others are more marbled. Tenderness is attributed to many things, including breed, diet, how the animal was raised, how it was processed, and of course from which muscle group the cut comes. 

We are committed to raising healthy happy cattle that result in high quality beef on your table.


Until recently we raised purebred Black Angus cattle, a breed well known for its marbling. The cows are very maternal and have a good temperament. A few years ago, we bred a few of our young Angus cows to a purebred Hereford bull, which produced what are called Black Baldies. The first generation of calves have primarily black bodies and white faces, with all kinds of combinations and permutations. We have been very pleased how they grow and behave, and all the calves are raised exclusively on high quality grass.

Grass finish versus Grain finish

Grass finished beef has never had grain, ever. Grain finished beef has had the option to eat grain for a period of time prior to procesing. What's the difference in taste? Some say that grass finished is leaner and chewier, while the grain finished is richer and more marbled. It's all personal preference, and a lot depends on how the beef is cooked. Both options are delicious, and we think it's a fun experiment to cook them side by side to taste differences in the meat!  

Dry-aged versus wet-aged versus not-aged

We dry-age 100% of our local beef, since we think the process greatly contributes to naturally enhanced flavor and texture of the final product. The beef hangs in 32-26 degree coolers for weeks, during which time there is moisture loss due to evaporation. Less moisture in the meat means that flavors condense, packing more rich beefiness into each steak and roast that you take home. Wet-aged beef, on the other hand, is cut and immediately vacuum packed in plastic, sealing all flavor and juices right into the meat as it's allowed to age. Beef that has not been aged is fresh meat that is sold shortly after it is butchered.


Please call or email us to order a custom cut or to inquire about the current fresh and frozen selection.